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Mr Ashish PatwardhanConsultant Ophthalmologist

Premium Intraocular Lenses

What is premium IOL?

During the operation the cloudy lens is removed using small incision phacoemulsification technique and an intraocular lens (IOL) is inserted.  The IOL are of two types 

  1. Standard IOL: Also called monofocal IOL.  The standard IOL gives clear focus at a fixed distance.  So if the clear focus is for far distance you will need glasses to read books or work on the computer.  It means with the standard IOL the spectacle dependence is 100%.
  2. Premium IOL:  The premium IOLs are specially designed to give focus at all distances (multifocal IOL), correct astigmatism (toric IOL) or do both (multifocal toric).  The multifocal IOL enables people to see far and near without glasses reducing spectacle dependence.  The toric IOL are specially designed to correct astigmatism.  

What are the types of premium IOL?

  1. Multifocal IOL:  IOLs such as ReSTOR, ReZOOM and Lentis MPLUS lenses are specially designed to give clear focus for all distances.
  2. Accommodative IOL:  Crystalens is designed to use eye muscles to flex and provide focus for near and far vision.
  3. Toric IOL:  These IOLs corrects astigmatism providing spectacle free vision for given distance.  Patients with astigmatism who receive standard IOL are dependent on glasses for all distances.
  4. Multifocal Toric:  Lenses such as ReSTOR multifocal Toric and Lentis MPLUS toric not only correct astigmatism but also provides focus at all distances

What are the risks?

The complete spectacle independence is not guaranteed and some people may require glasses for precision tasks such as driving or reading fine print.  Some patients experience halos and glare especially when driving at night.  These symptoms are more pronounced immediately after the surgery.  But with time symptoms decrease due to phenomenon called neural adaptation. 

Which IOL is suitable?

You need full assessment to discuss which IOL is suitable for you.  Please ring Mr Patwardhan's secretary to make an appointment for further discussion.

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